• Maldives

With over 20 years’ experience in strategy, private investment and banking, and luxury goods and services, Lynn Villadolid founded Lifestyle Capital Partners (HK) Limited (LCP) in September 2014. LCP is a strategy & management advisory company focused on lifestyle choices of the world’s most successful and affluent families.

Capitalising on its success in branded resort real estate sales, its wholly-owned subsidiary, Lifestyle Capital Villas (LCV), LCP’s B2B arm, works with selected luxury resort real estate developers and operators in the Maldives and Indian Ocean, whom it believes offer best-in-class holiday destinations for discerning UHNWI and their families. In the course of these works, LCP has developed strong relationships with many UHNWI who have a proven passion for the Maldives. LCP have also been responsible for developing and running Ambassador Programmes for a number of premium resorts and luxury brands in the Maldives.

Another component of LCP is Lifestyle Capital Private Office (LCPO), their B2C arm, which advises UHNW families on their “investments of passion” – including highly customised holidays in exotic destinations and holiday home management, acquisition and disposal. LCPO works closely with carefully chosen specialists in the field of art, jets, yachts, and philanthropy to provide authoritative investment advice and a seamless service. Through LCPO, LCP have continued to grow an impressive network of UHNWI globally, which further supports their B2B endeavours and Ambassador Programme management.