Rhombus Maldives Pvt Ltd, a limited liability company incorporated under the laws of Maldives Company Registration No. C-0179/2010 and having its principal business as general merchandising. Since 2004 till 2007 Rhombus had been engaged in different garments related business.

Inaugurated in 2004 with one business aim of providing quality reliable and high end fashion garments, apparels and accessories, Rhombus Maldives Pvt ltd has led the market for its unmatched customer services, quality products and delivering the latest trends in fashion industry to our customers. The friendly environment, jolly and energetic service oriented staff creates a unique shopping environment to all our customers. This hard work and exceptional input of our staff has led Rhombus Maldives Pvt Ltd to be number one fashion retail stores, with an established brand “RHOMBUS” in Maldives. 

We thrive to continuously deliver new trending fashion products at the right time and with the right quantity thereby maintaining uniqueness and personalization for customers thereby increasing the value for money and satisfaction.

Going lengths to keep our market position the concept of the business was rebranded to “RHOMBUS” in the year 2007, catering all means of clothing with “HEAD to TOE” full range of branded products at Orchid Magu with a slogan “Your infinite shopping starts here!!!” A team of 3 employees populated into 29 employees to form another 3 sister shops, each with a touch of specialization of its own, came to operation. 

• Rhombus (Chaandhanee Magu) for Men’s only, 
• Curly (Orchid Magu) for Ladies Only, 
• Silver Liquid (Majeedhee Magu) and 
• Rhombus Godown for mixed clothing. 

Fashion industry is one of the fastest growing demand in the Maldives nevertheless “RHOMBUS” is one of the top retail outlets in the industry for best seller in imported fashion products.

Primary Business

As per the current Articles of Association and the primary business of the company is to provide a solution to address the need for quality modern casual wear and high end office wear including accessories to market. We take pride to operate with 100% Maldivian energetic and dynamic staff base. The management keeps a have a close relation with these staff to involve them in making plans, expressing ideas to reach monthly sales targets. Since the establishment of the company the staffs are salaried before 3rd of each month.